“I can tell you that it’s very difficult for me to admit I’m post abortive but, I must share my story of healing and redemption to express the great need for post-abortive healing and to help others recognize that Rachel’s Vineyard retreats are a magnificent step towards recapturing our value and begin to live out our lives as the beautiful creatures God created us to be.

On the day of my abortion, everything changed. I wasn’t me anymore.  I had ended life and rejected my life-giving womanhood...

The Rachel’s Vineyard weekend retreat format is an extremely effective and efficient format for post-abortion healing. There are numerous advantages to doing grief work without distraction or interruption from one’s job, family life and relationships. The expression of grief is extremely important in this healing process, and the retreat will foster the expression of deep and powerful emotions.  It is easier for many individuals to enter the grieving process knowing they don’t have to stop after two hours and return home or to work.


The primary emphasis on the weekend retreat is for participants to enter and move through the process of grief, to recognize and deal with anger or numbness, to mourn the child(ren) they have lost,  to renew their own spiritual life through the Living Scripture exercises, and to develop a spiritual relationship with their aborted child(ren)

Our Mission

Letters of love and sorrow from Mothers and Fathers to their children lost to abortion

Our sins can be forgiven, because Jesus Christ paid for the price of human sin by dying on the cross for the redemption of humanity. Jesus Christ, true man and true God, was the perfect sacrifice for human sin and as a result saved those who are baptized, repent and believe in him.

Don't wait to call...Christ has written your name on the palms of His hands.

...A decade later, it surfaced. I remembered...and the shame was unbearable. But, God is so loving, kind, and gentle. He placed many caring women in my path that helped me work through the healing process. The women who minister through Rachel’s Vineyard were some of those women. On my weekend retreat, they emanated God’s loving, kind, and gentle spirit. 

On my Rachel’s Vineyard weekend, I came to really know Christ Jesus as my Savior. I became truly free!


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