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Facilitator Team:
Edie Gutierrez - Licensed Professional Counselor, Executive Director 303.775.4108


Lori Frank, Retreat Coordinator 303.904.7414


​The Weekend...
Three Days of Healing and Forgiveness...

Rachel’s Vineyard Retreat Weekend is rooted in the Lord Jesus Christ. Every exercise and Scripture provides an opportunity for the women and men who attend our retreat to experience Jesus and to dialogue with Him. As each gospel story is re-enacted in the Living Scripture exercises, the Lord is present.  The role of our facilitators is to invite participants to open their souls to Christ, to receive Him in the Word and to experience Him through the exercises. The primary emphasis on the weekend retreat is for participants to enter and move through the process of grief, to recognize and deal with anger or numbness, to mourn the child(ren) they have lost,  to renew their own spiritual life through the Living Scripture exercises, and to develop a spiritual relationship with their aborted child(ren).  As participants mourn their children they suffer with the crucified Lord and experience the agony of death.  The meditations and exercises reveal God’s compassion and forgiveness and invite repentance and reconciliation. By uniting themselves to Jesus through the Paschal mystery of their own lives, they rise with Christ in glory.  

Jesus  encounters wounded souls through the process of the Rachel’s Vineyard retreat according to His perfect will and timing. This will be different for each person, and there is no need to force this encounter.  In Rachel’s Vineyard we strive to follow His example and meet the participants where they are. Where they are scared and feeling very distant from God we are gentle and affirming. They have been wounded on a very intimate level and the retreat process is designed to gently open their souls and psyches to the gentle healing of the Lord Jesus. The Living Scripture exercises that we use in Rachel’s Vineyard are a gift from the Holy Spirit: we trust in Him and in the retreat process as we have seen Him manifest the power of His divinity time and time again.​

Will you hear His Call to You?    He is waiting...patiently for you...

The Christ Encounter...