HOPE AND HEALING AFTER AN ABORTION.  Pope Francis has called this year, the Year of Mercy.  Please consider attending the Rachel's Vineyard Catholic Retreat which addresses the soul wounds that run deep in many women, and men who are suffering with the psychological or spiritual pain of abortion. These, as well as, memories of condemnation, abandonment, pain and confusion are handled with care and replaced by the healing presence, love and Mercy of Jesus Christ. 


No one is ever turned away from attending a retreat for lack of financial resources. Please let us know if you need scholarship assistance. 


After abortion, sorrow can be healed, even years later. Secrets that have never been voiced or shared can have an injurious effect on our lives. Processing a secret wound in the compassionate presence of others who have experienced the same, and in the light of God’s love and mercy, allows shame to be dispelled and creates a space in your heart and soul to receive an abundance of joy.  The healing journey uses creative “Living Scripture Exercises” that offer an effective process for grief work, grounded in Jesus Christ and the Word of God.  Your  journey will be comparable to the Paschal Mystery, moving from suffering to joy.  Let go of your silence and your secret and receive consolation at a Rachel’s Vineyard Post abortion retreat and become free to be the person God created you to be.   Call us today.

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