Letters TO Heaven is a book of God's merciful love, ​It provides insight into the hearts and minds of mothers and fathers who regret the loss of their children through abortion. 

Companions on the Journey E-group



Hope and healing are given generously, received with gratitude, and shared with open hearts.  Filled with letters of love and sorrow from Mothers and Fathers to their children lost to abortion it is a book about forgiveness and mercy. 

Tender and Sweet & Full of Compassion.

​It is sweet, compassionate, tender and hopeful, providing insight into the hearts and minds of mothers and fathers who regret the loss of their children through abortion. 

+ A portion of the proceeds benefit

Rachel’s Vineyard of Colorado

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Companions on the Journey is an interactive email group for former Rachel's Vineyard retreat participants.

This group is for post-abortive men and women only. As a former retreat participant, you are encouraged to join.  

Membership in the list is completely confidential. It is a "closed" e-group of former retreatants from around the world communicating about a wide variety of topics. It's a confidential way to share our ongoing journey with each other-to ask for help and prayers when we need them, and to offer strength and hope to one another.


Dear Beloved Brothers and Sisters in Christ:

This letter is from a group of men and women who have previously been blessed with the opportunity to attend a Rachel's Vineyard retreat.

We wish you much peace and joy, and we join in a prayer of thanksgiving that you were able to participate in a Rachel's Vineyard retreat. Welcome home!

We would like to offer you an additional way of receiving support and staying connected.

Oaktrees is a monthly e-mail message you can sign up to receive. It contains personal stories about continued recovery and healing from former retreatants...who, like you, have come through this retreat and been born into a new life with Christ.

If you have been trough a Rachel's Vineyard Retreat and wish to receive Oaktrees Messages,
sign up at: www.rachelsvineyard.org/oaktrees