Serving Colorado and Surrounding Areas

For anyone contemplating a Rachel’s Vineyard retreat, I encourage you to take a leap of faith. You will not regret your decision and will come out of it a better, more whole person inside.”

Retreat Details

A Rachel’s Vineyard Retreat is therapy for the soul. It is a place where you can share, often for the first time, about your abortions in a safe environment. You will be able to grieve, forgive yourself, reconcile with God and with your lost babies. You will find peace and forgiveness.

Cost of Retreats:

The fee for the retreat is $200. If you need financial assistance, please let us know. No one is ever turned away from attending a retreat for lack of financial resources.

Who Can Attend:

Rachel’s Vineyard Colorado retreats are welcome to anyone who has experienced the pain of abortion (i.e. women, men, spouses, family members, health care professionals). We welcome any faith background and it doesn’t matter if your abortion was a couple of years ago or many years ago. Please see the Healing Resources page for more information for other ways resources that might help on your healing journey.



Any Faith Background

Health Care Professionals

Spouses & Family

(Including Grandparents)

Retreat Dates

Weekend retreats are held three times a year. Typically, they are held in April/May, August, and November.

Upcoming Retreats:

✓ August 23 – 25, 2024
✓ November 8 – 10, 2024

Contact Us About Registration

The first step to healing is to reach out for help. Our team is here for you.  We are so thankful you are contacting us for more information.  There are two methods to contact Lori to leave a confidential message.  Fill out the form or call her. She will call or message you back and tell you more about the retreat and registration process.

Contact Lori

Call – (303) 904-7414
(No text messages)            



What is the cost?

Our cost for the weekend is $200 with a $25 non-refundable application fee. This price includes your room, meals, and all retreat materials. We have financial assistance for those unable to pay the full fee.  No one is turned away because of finances.

How long is the retreat weekend?

The retreat begins on Friday at 4:00 pm with dinner and ends around 3:00 pm on Sunday. It is important to stay the entire retreat so that distractions don’t disrupt the flow of your healing journey.

Who runs the weekend?

Our ministry team consists of a Priest, Therapist and trained lay facilitators who are caring and compassionate individuals. The team works together to provide you with a safe and welcoming atmosphere. Through guidance from the Holy Spirit, our goal is to make your weekend an experience that will bring insight, comfort, and healing.

How many people can be on the weekend?

Because of our facilities, we are limited to 8-10 participants. The group is small so that each retreatant has time for sharing and processing the exercises together. Applications are taken on a first-come first-served basis.

Are Men allowed to attend the weekend?

Yes, after an abortion, men often struggle with a sense of powerlessness, or feeling they failed to protect both mother and child – perhaps abandoning the mother or threatening to leave her if she did not abort. Men share many of the same wounds of shame, guilt, grief and fear as well as the desire for healing.

Is the Rachel’s Vineyard Weekend Confidential?

Yes. When you sign up for a retreat, your name will not be given to any other individual or group for any circumstance. If you choose to be listed on a contact list for the other members of your weekend group, that is your decision. You can inquire about this program by e-mail or telephone, please specify how you would like to receive information. You might also choose to attend a Rachel’s Vineyard weekend that is in a different location from where you live to assure complete anonymity.

How do I sign up for the retreat?

Please call Lori at 303-904-7414 or contact us using the contact form.